Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hair Candy Virgin

This will be my first time.
I am a virgin blogger.
When I say the words "blogger" or "blogging" I say it with my lip curled and my nose scrunched up.
Its not that I have anything against bloggers or blogging itself, it's just have always been a quiet writer. In other words, Diaries are my thing.
Yes, I do fear what people will think.
Yes, that is exactly the reason for my blogging now.
The other reason...Hair Candy.
I am a Hair Candy virgin.
So here's to doing what I fear.
I'm going to blog and I'm going to make the crap out of some hair candy
and yes I will care what you think.


  1. Will try again. I am so happy to see that you are excited about something and that you are using your creativity. Don't be shy, just do it!! Your Hair Candy is adorable! You'll have trouble keeping up!

    Your #1 fan :o)

  2. These are soooo Pretty, if you live in the Prince George area of Virginia look for them at Sunshine Florist and Gifts on rout 156 aka Prince George Dr. We'll have them there for sale!!

  3. Bought a few for my God-daughter & my mother for the holidays, wondering which one would like them more. Appearently there for everyone. They both loved them. Thanks, great gift idea.